"There are many paths to truth. To find success you must be willing to choose one & take the first step."





"Lia offered me intuitive and practical insight that allowed me to see my vision in very concrete terms. She has an amazing ability to show you in very real terms what your desired outcome will look like. I left the session feeling a strong sense of possibility.
A powerful coach and business architect! " - Jhorna Hochstedler


There are many paths to truth.
To find success you must be willing to choose one & take the first step.

Private Sessions


Stuck, frustrated, tired of running
in circles and feel like you just keep ​making the same mistakes?

Sometimes you are just too close to the problem to see the little things that are keeping you from achieving personal and professional success.  For over 25 years my goal as a Life Coach has been to use my intuitive skills, professional experience and therapeutic tools to get you back on track to having the life and business of your dreams while fulfilling your unique life purpose.  
​During Your Initial Clarity & Action Session You Will: 
  • Get Clear About What You Really Want
  • Discover What's Blocking Your Success
  • Create Actionable Steps to Move Forward
​This is for new or returning clients who need to receive personal direction and support for a personal/professional issue or goal.  It is also helpful for those who are in transition and need to re-evaluate their current life or business plan.  
Session may include some or all of the following:
  • Intuitive guidance from the Oracle
  • Hypnotherapy or NLP techniques
  • Business Strategy/Coaching  as appropriate
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Premiere Programs

Exclusive Intuitive Strategy
and Support for
​Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

​Are you ready to step into your full power & level up?
If you are frustrated & unfulfilled in your current work and wondering how to bring all of your talents, skills and unique gifts to your business then this exclusive program is for you.

This one-on-one program includes a high-level of resources and privileges, including step-by-step support, intuitive guidance and interactive collaboration for innovative leaders who are creating purpose driven businesses.
It's like having a divine guide on your side at every turn.
​Together we'll create Your Powerhouse Business with: 
  • Personalized Purpose Driven Business Guidance
  • Direct Access to Oracle Insights & Divine Downloads 
  • Intuitive Strategy Planning & Weekly Accountability
  • Support to Help Increase Visibility
  • Unlock Productivity Blocks
​This program is only for qualified leaders or entrepreneurs with established businesses who are committed to taking action and being held accountable for aligning their business strategy with their highest purpose.
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Online Programs


Find Total Clarity, Confidence
​and Life Transformation
in as little as ​90 Days!

​Find the SECRET formula for achieving your true heart's desire,  gaining self-confidence and creating
​proactive steps to get results.

A Self-Directed Coaching Program where you’ll learn:
  • Simple Steps to Conscious Attraction for Success
  • To Stop Self-Sabotage & Overcome Money Monsters
  • To Confidently Handle Any Situation Life Hands You
  • To Release the Baggage & Blocks Holding You Down
Through 13 weekly modules, and access to a private Facebook Group (exclusive for Master Creators Academy Members), containing intuitive guidance, inspiration and weekly Tips from Coach Lia Dunlap, you’ll find the Power Plan tools taking you from stuck and struggling to Powerful and Energized. 
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