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EP74: Focus and Energy Management with Celeste Brooks


Astrologer, coach, and intuitive Celeste Brooks aims to help people expand their lives and find their passions through astrology as a tool combined with her 25 years of experience in sales, business development, and marketing in Fortune 500 companies. 

With her many gifts and talents, Celeste takes the opportunity to join #AskTheOracle and clarify her pressing questions of the next best steps to take to move forward in her life and business. Tune in and witness her engaging and fantastic encounter with Oracle on Purpose Lia Dunlap.

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️  Be open to being in a place you don't expect. Celeste was feeling a pull in 2020 to move potentially. The Oracle confirmed that traveling to a new location near relatives and building contacts will be pivotal to changing her business trajectory. 

✔️ Focus and energy management. When there is a lack of alignment, business owners become less clear to their ideal clientele on whether they can or can not help them. Dovetailing things you like doing instead of focusing on the core focus wastes energy in chasing shiny objects.

✔️ Teaching and serving more.What is the ultimate golden nugget you can teach to help people get traction and change their lives? Focusing on that gives you the best impact on your work and brings you fulfillment and recognition.

✔️Finding your unique path becomes your niche. The Oracle sees Celeste's direction of speaking in a large audience of a corporate event, going on speaking tours, and launching a new book. 

The segment #AskTheOracle Live aims to help people out there in the world who could use a little nudge to get them back on to the right path. At times, we can forget that it's only okay to ask for help, and it doesn't mean that doing so is a sign of weakness but a vital means to help us optimize our genius and do the work we are meant to do in this world!

If you have pressing questions and choices that weigh you down or need clarity and guidance, be part of the show, and let the Oracle provide you direction and liberation. 

Celeste Brooks is an astrologer, coach, and intuitive. Astrology made an appearance in Celeste's journey, and, like a mirror's reflection, it changed her life. Celeste discovered a deeper understanding of herself, connected on a more authentic level with loved ones, found her purpose, and retired early from a successful corporate career to pursue her calling as a healer. Applying her professional sales and business experience with her astrological knowledge, she helps people expand their lives, ignite their passion, and find their purpose. Celeste offers personal readings, coaching, group events, and classes to guide people to higher levels of fulfillment. Know more by visiting www.astrologybyceleste.com


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About Lia Dunlap:

Dubbed the Oracle on Purpose, Lia Dunlap's Intuitive Guidance and 25 years of successful operational business experience will help you find your Unique Life Purpose. Get back on track with your business strategy to become fulfilled again in the work you do. It's time to remember... You are here on purpose. You've got a mission to fulfill, and we are here to make sure, no matter what, you achieve it.

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