Where's Your Head?

Mar 26, 2019
This is a great question to ask yourself when you find things aren't going your way.  Take a look around your life and if you stand back with an objective eye I'm willing to bet that you'll find everything you have is something YOU created in your own mind.  Whether it something negative or positive the original point of its creation was the constant, focused, image and thought you held as a belief.  

The great news is - once you realize that you created the negative situations - YOU can change them.  In my work I've found that one of the most common tools for creating negative situations is FEAR, or worry, or concern or whatever name you'd like to use.  When a person becomes focused on the fear of something they play a movie of it's outcome over and over again in their own heads.  Since thoughts are like magnets to the universe the more you worry the stronger the magnetic pull your thoughts have.  So, if you spend all of your energy creating the things you are worrying about why not choose to change your mind and your life?

When you feel yourself falling into a habitual worry (oh, no I'm going to be late...) simple pause and ask yourself, "where's my head?" and then use this break in the thought train to switch the tracks to something positive.  A quick change from the worry about being late is simply telling yourself you are going to be there just in time.  Once you focus on this thought you'll be happy to see little "coincidences" adding up to bring the newly desired outcome to pass.  

Having used this one myself a few times, I can attest to the fact that I've rushed to the appointment only to find the person I was meeting with needed to reschedule, or perhaps they too were running behind and I ended up beating them to the meeting, even better somehow things (traffic, buses, green lights) seemed to smooth out and I literally arrived on time or even a few minutes early.

So, when worrisome thoughts are tangling with your success just take a deep breath and ask yourself, "Where's your head?".
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