When the Winds of Change Feel like a Hurricane

Feb 28, 2019
Today my horoscope stated that " You can basically have anything you want right now -- Sounds vaguely like that old warning about being careful what you wish for -- because you might get it? Well, it should. That's exactly the line you're walking. Tread gently, and look both ways before you cross".  I had to laugh out loud because I'm often counseling my clients to do the same.  When you've spent a significant amount of time pushing your own desires aside and someone gives you a tool to have all those desires realized it's easy to feel like a kid in a candy shop.  The only trick is, just like that kid, if you take on too much at once you too may end up with one wicked belly ache.  

That is why it is important to have a trusted and experienced life coach to guide you.  They can help keep the hurricane of change at bay by helping you focus your energy on one key factor at a time.  The beauty is when done correctly it becomes an organic relationship of mutual admiration and respect for the awesome power of change.  How do you know when you are doing it right?  Well, you will feel like you are carried on a warm summer wind to a specific destination - not catapulted across the sky by a violent storm into the abyss.  

Wherever your quest for change takes you remember... look both ways and enjoy the ride!
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