Wake Up to Wonder

Aug 18, 2021

Are you stressed out? Are you frustrated, angry looking at your life and your business as if it was working against you? I've got a special invitation for you. Maybe it's time for you to wake up to wonder. Now, I'm not suggesting you go to some fantasy land, quite the contrary. I'm actually suggesting that, even as Einstein himself suggested, that you take time to wonder, to allow yourself to contemplate your business. Not from a perspective of how it's going to serve you, but what its potential is, what your clients might actually want or need from you, their beloved provider. Are they looking for more? Could you provide more? What is available for you to do differently, that will speak to your clients and your customers needs?

If we've been stuck in a rut, and we feeling frustrated with our business and where it's at, it may be time to do just that; wake up to wonder. Take a break and ponder the possibilities, right? Take a walk, take a hot bath, perhaps even sit with a nice cold beer. I'm not here to judge. I'm simply here to suggest that taking the time to step away from the routine of your day, and the way things have always been done, could actually provide you with that key component, that one piece of information you've been missing all this time, that will actually propel your business into a totally different stratosphere. Only because you've given yourself permission to ponder the possibilities, to see what might be different, if you did things a little different. That's right. Maybe it's time to wake up to wonder.

Remember, you are the true expert in your business and in your life. Believe in your work and how it is benefiting you and those you serve. Follow your unique life purpose and your success will fall into place. To find out more about how you can work with Oracle and me, Lia Dunlap, visit us at oracleonpurpose.com.

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