Something about this blustery weather has me turning inside. Perhaps it's a settling into the dark, cold days of winter that's got my mind feeling reflective and even a bit melancholy, but whatever it is I know I am in a state of deep and mindful fermentation.  There are definitely changes brewing within my life and soul.  I am feeling my way through this hallow season by seeking to surround myself with all the things that comfort me. 

First, I was drawn to pull my pashmina scarves from their hiding spot in the hall closet, instantly leaning toward the colors of warm pumpkin and green apple.  Their lush folds felt like a warm cozy blanket around my neck to ward off the Fall chill as I went off to hunt down holiday gifts.  Yes, I am an early shopper, I find it helps me to get and stay in the holiday spirit.  Pulling on my insulated ski coat and bright polka-dotted galoshes helped me to feel toasty and safe as I traveled in and out of the crisp air making my way from store to store. 

Fall's bounty was captivating, I found myself unable to resist picking up added treats to warm my home, a set of new scented candles of bayberry and cinnamon-cranberry, each filling my nose and mind with fragrant memories of crunching leaves and hot mulled wine, a cozy new knitted hat and even a hearty meal of bratwurst and sauerkraut to stew in the crockpot.  Everything bringing me to a sense of returning to my inner hearth and home. 

Now as I sit typing this, a warm mug of tea by my side, the wind howls outside the window and I watch the last few leaves of the tree flutter helplessly against the inevitable falling to come.  A gentle reminder, I think, that clinging to one's past can be far more painful than the sweet release of accepting life's inevitable and often cyclical change.  Or it might just be the echo of a memory drawing me home a sweet somber call from the hallows of Fall.

Say Goodbye to Shiny Object Syndrome

Aug 04, 2021