The Charm of a lucky life

Jan 16, 2018

Someone recently said that I didn't realize how many other women would die to be in my shoes.  He said they would love to be able to set my own hours, do work that I love and still be able to spend as much time as they wanted with my their own child.  I couldn't help but smile at the sentiment and I will certainly be the first to admit I am absolutely filled with gratitude every time I hold my beautiful little boy.  Still, when I think back to that conversation I have to shake my head in disagreement, it is not luck that's brought me here, well at least not luck alone.  So much of what lays before me now has long been in the planning stages.  I have always been a firm believer in following your dreams, not blindly and without effort but fearlessly and fiercely.  Like a mother bear protecting her young I knew I had to guard each heartfelt desire against any enemy.  The foes of my dreams included the chiding and hand-ringing worries of so-called well-wishers bent on helping me avoid their own imagined pitfalls, the jealous friends and co-workers who wanted to keep me blind-folded and locked in step with their corporate crowd, all the while I had my own inner gremlins to fend against, little whispering beasts of self-doubt, pity and regret.  Now, standing at one of the many high points of my life, I look back and realize my successful achievements have not only been a labor of love, determination but also a consistent focus to always reach for what I wanted and to choose to leap fearlessly into the arms of lady luck whenever she crossed my path.  With every leap I became more convinced that I truly could have, do and be anything I wanted - with the right plan, the right attitude and yes, even with a little bit of luck.

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