Seed Soil Plant

Jul 21, 2021

Today we're going to talk about a simple yet brilliant concept, all right three little words seed, soil, plant that's right seed, soil, plant. Now what's this got to do with business, simple, every idea, every concept, every new product or service that you are creating is a seed and we're going to put it in the soil, we're going to nurture it, we're going to put all of the energy and resources we can to grow that idea and then eventually we will receive the plant which is the fruit of our labor. Now the reason this matters and the reason I use this simple and hedgy is because people often get distracted in the process, so they have an idea great, they stick that idea into this proverbial ground the soil, and they put a lot of energy and resources towards it.

But if it doesn't deliver right away, here's the problem, many of them will dig around into that soil, shake that plant and say what is wrong with you, why aren't you growing fast enough, why haven't you produced results yet. And the seed, that idea is still in the germination process, so they haven't given an opportunity to grow yet and perhaps their soil is out of whack, they need more of just the right thing to allow that seed to be nurtured. Once you've got that seed nurtured and it's starting to grow, then the thing to do is to give it what you can without disturbing it, and here's the trick. You can do this through visualization, visualizing what the result is that you do want and that can be the master trick during that germination period.

So many times we want to dig in and get involved in the middle of this process when it's not ours to do, when our job as master creators and entrepreneurs is to hold the vision of the plant, what we really intended to have come to fruition and once we do that, the universe will honestly do the rest. Just like the fact that you would not put an orange seed in the ground and expect it to grow and bear fruit in six months, it takes time and during that time it is our job to hold the vision. And once that plant has grown and matured and starts to bear fruit, then it is our job to go and collect and to harvest that reward and that is the concept simple, easy, often helps us to avoid overwhelm. Ready, say it with me seed, soil, plant. 

Remember you are the true expert in your business and in your life, believe in your work and how it is benefiting you and those you serve, follow your unique life purpose and your success will fall into place. 

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