Say Goodbye to Shiny Object Syndrome

Aug 04, 2021

All right, this is my favorite topics, shiny object syndrome. Whoo, right? Shiny object syndrome. I don't care what kind of business leader you are, everyone could fall prey to shiny object syndrome on occasion. And it's important not only to figure out how to stop doing that, but more important to understand, when we are susceptible to falling prey to that syndrome. It typically means that we've lost our inner compass, right? We've lost hold of what our business is about, and as I always say, your unique life purpose should be that founding driver in your business. And once you find yourself looking at other opportunities to the point of distraction, right, there are definitely opportunities out there that call it you to look at them. The difference is, when we fall prey to shiny object syndrome, everything looks exciting, everything looks like it needs to happen now. And we're not really staying true to what our intention for our business and our lives are.

And so when I find my clients in that state, where they're just suddenly, they've got a plethora of things that they can do, and they just don't know which of those things that are theirs to do or not. I often remind them to return to their -, start from the beginning. What is your unique life purpose and how are you delivering it through your business? Will these things you're looking at allow you to move that needle forward or not? So, many times that one question, can actually quash any desire to go chasing down a rabbit warren that isn't yours to follow. How much money time, energy and effort can you save yourself if you ask that simple question?

Well, let me tell you, I've had clients that have saved thousands and thousands of dollars doing just that. So, my encouragement to you next time you find yourself kind of swirled inside of that shiny object brain fog is stop, take a deep breath, take stock of where you are in your life, in your business and ask the question; will this propel me forward to create and fulfill my unique life purpose or not? If the answer is no, let it go. That's the key to solving shiny object syndrome. Ask yourself the question, is this align with my unique life purpose or no?

Remember, you are the true expert in your business and in your life. Believe in your work and how it is benefiting you and those you serve. Follow your unique life purpose and your success will fall into place. To find out more about how you can work with Oracle and me, Lia Dunlap, visit us at

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