Leap Before You Look

Mar 18, 2019
A client of mine was fussing over making what seemed from the outside to be a very simple decision.  He is a very intelligent man, he's well respected, his clients pay him handsomely for his advice and yet here he was faltering over a single choice.  As I reminded him of this he smiled and said he didn't want to make the wrong choice since the item he was purchasing would be with him for a long time.  I assured him that he could always purchase something else if this didn't turn out to be what he wanted but that either way he had to make his own choice.

The heart of the issue wasn't what he was purchasing as much as the fact that he was able to make the purchase.  As we grow and become more successful we end up having more and more choices available to us and with that freedom can sometimes come a weighted sense of responsibility.  Like someone who's gone out drinking (for the 1st time) on their 21st birthday we can feel overwhelmed.  Worried that we get it "right" we sample everything in site, get caught up in the rush and decide we have to have it all right now and then wake up in the morning with a horrible hangover.  

The trick is to realize that as long as you are breathing - anything is possible.  Most, if not all, of our decisions can be changed if needed.  So, it is up to us to make the best decision for us, for where we are at the time, with the information we have before us.  Since there are endless possibilities for how life will look five years from now, let alone five minutes from now, sometimes it is best to just close your eyes, go with our gut and leap before we look.
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