Island Dreams

Jul 07, 2021

Last February, I had the wonderful opportunity to guide some fantastic women to find their inner power leader and welcome the change in their lives, to make their visions come true. We gathered in Ko Phra Thong, Thailand at the Golden Buddha Beach Resort for the Master Creator’s Alchemy Retreat.

While there, these inspiring women dove deep into visualizing their business goals and focusing on bringing their visions to life, with strategic plans for fulfilling them. It took courage for them to be there and to show up and admit that they were feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled with their business.

Look, we've all been there; feeling stuck or hitting a plateau with our work, and it can be hard to remember why you love your work and your business.

But just remember, you can take a deep breath and re-center yourself, think of why you fell in love with your business and your work in the first place. And as entrepreneur Sara Blakely once said, don't be intimidated by what you don't know - that can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else. I totally agree.

You can use your struggles and missteps as a positive way to learn. You and only you are in charge of your business and your life. You get to direct how you want it to be run. Use that strength to power through the difficult parts of life and believe in that power you hold. Say yes to adventure. And wherever it leads, remember, the thoughts that you habitually hold form your reality.

When you think positive thoughts, your physiology actually changes. The power of your thoughts is universally understood to be so intensely powerful that those who have become successful know better than to derail any such success with foolish negative thinking. When you challenge your thoughts, you break a pattern. The key is to keep your mind clear about the vision you want for your life. Master your mind and you will master your life.

You can find more of these inspiring passages from my book POWER Up! The Law of Attraction: 52 Keys to Manifesting Your Dream Life.

I want to give you a quick challenge. If you're feeling stuck or if you hit a plateau in your business and you don't know whether or not you're aligned with your unique life purpose, I'd like to offer this challenge.

To be a true success, you must find what makes you most unique, what is your gift, and then set about finding a way to share it with as many people as possible. When you've found just the right thing and shared it without restraint, your success will be out of this world.

Remember, you are the true expert in your business and in your life. Believe in your work and how it is benefiting you and those you serve. Follow your unique life purpose and your success will fall into place.

If you're curious whether or not you're in alignment with your unique life purpose, I've got a special offer for you. Hop online to to find out how in aligned your business is with its highest power, and if it's not, what to do about it.

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