How to Find Your Way......Hint: The Map is not the Territory


One of the challenges of being a seeker in life is that we often find ourselves searching the world we see outside.  We look to other people, places and even times to find meaning or purpose in our own lives.  When the truth is the only purpose we can fully engage is the one that burns within us.  Whatever we see outside, for good or ill, it is only a reflection of the real person, place or event.  We simply can't know the full depth of anything that is not of our own making or experience.  

In NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) we abide by the premise that "The Map is NOT the Territory".  In other words, I can show you a map of Texas, I can even include as much detail as will fit on the page but the true experience of living and being a part of that place can only be realized through experience and even then because said experience is subjective it will be different for each individual. For some the experience of Texas is a broad open space of desolate land and endless oil rigs. For others it's the heartland of Americana and all things country. It could even be seen as a black mark on society for those who's experience and memories evoke images of slavery, the Klan, the Alamo.  

None of this is transmitted to the viewer when he/she looks at a map of Texas. So, it is for our lives and the world we see outside ourselves, even being in the space we can only catch a glimpse at what we call reality.  The rest is a co-creative masterpiece beyond our individual scope.  The beautiful thing is that science has proven that as creators we have the POWER to shift and shape that reality. We do that by holding visions and creating beliefs about what we want to see in our world.  Take a look at the following video excerpt, The POWER of Belief, from the former POWER Plan program (Now the Master Creators Academy).  Remember, the best way to FIND your way is to create it!

Say Goodbye to Shiny Object Syndrome

Aug 04, 2021