How Hustling Hurts Your Flow

Aug 11, 2021

Have you ever thought about how hustling hurts your flow? Think about it. You can press, push, prod yourself into moving faster, going farther, reaching higher, making more, and even as I'm talking about that, how does that feel in your body, right? When you think about it, ask yourself, What are you starting to do? Are you? Are you calm? Are you tense? Are you angry or frustrated? There is a way to allow yourself to find a natural rhythm for your life and your business that allows you to stay active without being in overdrive. I'm going to share a secret with you. I happen to be a person who loves to work, I really do. I love my work. I love doing this. I love communicating with people. I like sharing ideas and insights, I love helping people with the Oracles guidance and insights so they can make better choices in their businesses and their structures and their strategies. I love it, it thrills me, and I get really energized when I do my work.

That being said, I can also fall prey on occasion, to pushing so hard to make things happen, that even I have to talk myself, even the Oracle I should say, has to tap me on the shoulder and say, “Enough, settled down.” And what I find with my clients, when they're in this situation is that things that suddenly seem like they're completely going awry, right, people are melting down in the organization, clients aren't happy, family members aren't happy with them, you know, their cars go wonky and their everything seems to start falling apart. Now, no one wants you to go there, right, to figure out that you've kind of got out of balance. And everyone has their own natural rhythm. There are some people that are very methodical, need to take things slow, need to be calm and organized all the time. There are people whose desk look completely scattered, piled high, and they're working in their genius, right?

So, it's not specific to say that you must have a serene desk, calm meditation, every time you start your day. Everyone has a different vibe, everyone has a different energy. The key really is to figure out where is your optimal flow, and when are you in overdrive? And part of that is recognizing your own system internally, when you are actually performing your gift, your talent, your service best. And then use that as the barometer for how you engage in your work day. How you set your systems up, how you set your strategy and your support around you that you could stay in that zone of flow; allowing information in allowing energy out, keeping that flow to be sick, circulatory, so that you can continue to give your best, your clients and your customers can get the best from you.

And therefore, become happy and share you and when they are with you. They feel the flow too, right. They recognize you’re in your flow and it's comfortable and it's soothing and it's engaging, even if it's energized, it's engaging, it doesn't feel overwhelming. So, the key again, know your own inner peace, whatever that looks like. Find that zone, everything that you can structured around supporting it and you will know how to avoid that hustling that hurts you rather than helps you.

Remember, you are the true expert in your business and in your life. Believe in your work and how it is benefiting you and those you serve. Follow your unique life purpose and your success will fall into place. To find out more about how you can work with Oracle and me, Lia Dunlap, visit us at

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