I didn't know what to expect when I returned to my childhood home.  The property smelled the same, crisp and lush, and the light filtering through the trees as I climbed the steep driveway (now, after 16 years, fully cemented) I had trod up and down for years as a young girl.  The feeling of walking back in time lingered as I took each step.  It was as if I half expected my family to be waiting for me at the top of the hill.

Instead what I found was someone I had left behind, many years before, my own inner oracle.  The voice that had inspired and steadied me through the darkest moments of my childhood.  The divine guidance that was constant had been set aside as I became an adult. It was clear as I stood on that road that she was ready to come home too.

Come home she did!  As I stepped off that road and climbed back into my car I actually felt different - more complete - like all the pieces of me had been silently shuffled back into full alignment. It didn't take long for her to speak up and now I have given her a platform to share her - unfiltered - wisdom and guidance with the world.

The truth is, it's nice to have her back.  As a recent client stated, she is really just me - the real me coming back to the light.  So, if you are open to receiving the messages the Universe has for you then be sure to visit this page often.  

The Oracle is back.... and she's here on purpose!

Say Goodbye to Shiny Object Syndrome

Aug 04, 2021