Find Your Unique Life Purpose & Your Dream Job!


Many of my clients who are in career transition often find themselves trapped in in-action.  They know there is something more they should be doing with their life and feel as if they are not living in line with their purpose.  Whether they have been laid off or are struggling un-successfully through their current job the bottom line is they are not satisfied with what they are doing for employment and they keep banging their head on the wall asking, what do I do now?  What is it that will make them happy, fulfilled, successful? 

Often, there is something calling out from deep in their soul that is not being expressed.  This leaves them feeling disconnected or dissatisfied with their current efforts and sometimes they aren't really even sure what it is.  They just KNOW what it isn't.  Usually, the one thing they know is that it isn't what they are currently doing for work.  Some have been in the same field for so long they don't even think they are capable of doing anything else.  Luckily, I get to remind them that as long as they are breathing anything is possible.  Despite the tired excuses running around in their head of someone being younger, wiser, having more experience, they have the capacity to learn, grow, change and succeed no matter what.

One of the best tools we have at Divine Strategy is the Authentic Role Worksheet.  This simple worksheet helps my clients look at their natural talents, god-given-gifts, personal inspirations and spiritual beliefs to create a framework for their own Unique Life Purpose.  Below is a quick demonstration on how to utilize this 4 step process to create your own ULP. Watch the video then download the form and share your UniqueLife Purpose with us in the comments below!


Say Goodbye to Shiny Object Syndrome

Aug 04, 2021