Choosing Faith over Fear

Mar 05, 2019

It's easy to let the troubles of yesterday cloud our judgment of today's events.  The would haves or could haves of your past may give you pause when you attempt something new or decide to follow your heart and return to something you once wanted.  It takes a real belief in yourself, in the power of an inspired thought - some might say it even takes a bit of blind faith - to brush aside the lingering doubts and see the horizon clearly.  The good news it that when we do we are able to move forward confidently and that first step of confidence may be all we need gain momentum and ultimately reach our goals.  Even the smallest grain of faith can be sufficient.  Perhaps that is because grains are seeds and even a small seed can become a huge tree and bare fruit for years after it has been planted.  There is a real, honest power, in that kind of faith a kind of power that can sustain one through the buffeting of doubts, if we let it.  The question is, will you choose to focus on the Faith or the Fear?

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