Are You Open for Business?

Jan 21, 2018

So many clients come to me seeking advice or tips on how to grow or start their own business.  Sadly they are often their own worst enemy.  One of the first questions I might asks is how do you let people know what you do?  To which, I most often get the standard reply of business coming via word of mouth or direct referral.  When I ask how many business cards, fliers, or brochures they hand out per day/week the numbers are typically abysmal. 

In fact, some of them don't even TELL people they meet what they do unless they are asked.  I mean, it's pretty crazy to think you'll be able to expand your business in any extensive way simply by waiting for the phone to ring.  The good news is even the most reserved person can become a sought after expert without having to give an elevator speech to perfect strangers.  Even better, with simple online resources tools like Thumbtack, a new business can have leads pouring into via phone, e-mail or text message.  Click HERE for an example of how it works! 
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