All Healing is Self-Healing

Feb 25, 2019

When we begin to see the truth of who we are, outside the parameters, beliefs, and constraints of other peoples opinions, then we are free to live authentically.  We can take ourselves seriously or keep things light on a whim.  Once our mind is our own we can wield it's tremendous power to transform our lives from one moment to the next.  The key is to let go, to release any idea of the should have's or would have's of life that were imposed on us from the outside and instead do what feels right and genuine and good from within.  

Some call it the still small voice, others the soul, the inner guide, the Christ mind.  It doesn't matter what name we use most of us know it when we hear it... or better yet feel it.  That little tug to turn right instead of left, a nagging feeling that we forgot something or should call someone out of the blue.  I call it our divine center - our true north.  Like a compass it will always point you home.

The eternal Home - a place where you are at peace, in perfect alignment with your natural sense of well being and purpose, a place where everything just feels right.  Home gives us the power we need to continue growing, the safety to follow our inspirations, the burning desire to share our own gifts with the world.  

If all of us spent more time connected to our Home within then perhaps we would not feel like lost children - scared, angry, frightened and alone.  Maybe then there would be less need to find fault or trample over others in an unconscious desire to gain a sense of power and mistaken safety.

Finding Home comes from finding our true selves.  Doing this requires us to be self-aware, to know what it is that we believe.  It requires us to listen to our own divine center - to say yes, when we mean it and no when we mean it - without regret or disdain.  As we begin to live from this true north we can heal ourselves and become whole again.  Day by day, we can return Home.
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