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Weightless Weight Loss for Real People


What if everything you heard about dieting and weight loss is only keeping you fat?

Letting go of unwanted body fat doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, you can lose weight and feel great doing it. The key is to GIVE UP DIETING for good. That's right, you've heard it before and if you've ever tried and failed a diet you know for yourself it's true, diets don't work. While making a healthy change in your eating habits can be a component of losing weight - permanent healthy weight requires a lifestyle change. With the power of hypnosis you can change your body by changing your mind.

In his book, Self-Hypnosis and Other Mind-Expanding Techniques, Charles Tebbets writes, "Through the use of hypnotism you can attain a healthy, normal weight and maintain it permanently while eating as much as you want. But you won't want any more than your body needs." Consider the difference between dieting (a form of forced deprivation) and healthy eating (a form of nourishing your body) - can you see for yourself which would be more liberating?

Imagine now, how great it will feel to:

     Increase your metabolism
     Enjoy increased mobility
     Look forward to exercise
     Desire healthy foods
     Have greater self-confidence
     Buy smaller sized clothes

Don't wait - Start now & FEEL GREAT TODAY!



Not sure if Weightless Weight Loss is for you?

Read about Cindy's Journey:

One woman's blog of her entire Weightless Weight Loss Journey. Included in your purchase is a thoughtful and direct journal of her day to day experiences and insights during her 8 week program is now open for your viewing. Cindy is hoping to give others the rare opportunity to read how the program works for her. While everyone's results may not be the same as Cindy's we hope that her candor will help people understand just how amazing and different the Weightless Weight Loss program is from anything they've ever tried before. Here's an excerpt of her blog, read in her own words what this program has meant to Cindy:

"When I first talked to Lia about the Weightless Weight loss program, I was feeling very frustrated and lost about my body image - trying to lose weight, trying to eat healthy, trying not to be so obsessed with it all. Trying and trying, yet never doing. I didn’t want to go on some fad diet or feel deprived of eating all together by going on some special program. I know enough about all of that, and I really wanted to be ME, and not what other people thought I should be.....I achieved my goals for the program, and I know that I will continue to grow into my Ideal Self because she/I are forever changing together for the better.
My biggest hope is that others will see the benefits of this program, and trust in it. No matter if you need to lose weight or you just want to remove your body image issues, this program will give you tools towards your success. "

To join Cindy on the quest to get off the diet yo-yo-go-round check out Weightless Weight Loss for yourself.

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** NOTICE ** Not all exercise or weight loss programs are suitable for all people. Prior to purchasing this or any self-hypnosis audio program you should discuss your decision to begin an exercise/weight loss program with your regular medical doctor or health care provider.

Meet Lia Dunlap, The Oracle on Purpose.

Lia R. Dunlap is the Oracle on Purpose, a Master Creator, Best Selling Author, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the creator of The POWER Plan life coaching program. She is proud to have over 20 years of experience helping people change their lives for good.

As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner she created life changing programs for people looking to master the Law of Attraction and change their lives for good. By providing products and services online, by phone and in person she hopes to serve the life enhancement needs of people locally and all over the world.

Lia is a Best Selling author and audio producer and has created a series of self-help books and audio CD's which are currently available online and from local book sellers. As a Trainer and Facilitator she often volunteers to share her coaching skills and life transforming knowledge with community groups and local business leaders.

Her clients benefit from the broad spectrum of experience and knowledge she's gained in both the Corporate and Entrepreneurial arena.

Lia is also a registered member of the International Board of Clinical Practitioners, an award winning poet, fire walker, spiritually-minded healer, perennial student, proud mother and wife. It is the combination of her broad experiences, skills, talents and personal knowledge that she brings to her work that allow her clients to get quick and lasting results.

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