My mission is simple -  ​Change people's lives for good.

As the Oracle on Purpose, Lia Dunlap, is an 
Intuitive Business Architect with 25 years of experience
guiding Light Bearing Leaders to Unlock their Unique Life Purpose & Capitalize on the Impact of Their Business Genius.

She helps innovative leaders who are determined to have a major impact on the world, yet still find they are struggling with
situational overwhelm or shiny object syndrome. They are losing time and money chasing the latest business trend or
marketing strategy only to end up at one dead end after another. Lia helps them find the clarity and confidence
to create a fully aligned Powerhouse business strategy that flows with ease. 

Her divinely sourced products and results driven services have helped thousands of clients in over 76 countries
align their unique life purpose with their business strategy to create a powerhouse business that
allows them to make money while making a difference in the world. 

Her wit, wisdom and down-to-earth nature help clients feel instantly at ease as they shed old paradigms and
embrace new realms of possibility.  Clients and colleagues alike have remarked that she carries
her commitment to truth, transformation and freedom with
an intelligence and grace far beyond her years. 

She is a Master Creator, Best Selling Author, International Retreat Leader and the founder of
the Master Creators Academy - ​a self-directed online life coaching program that helps people create
a foundation of success using fundamental tools for living your unique life purpose.


I am The Oracle
I am Here on Purpose
I am Committed to 
Truth, Transformation, and Freedom.

I am an Intuitive Life Coach, Master Creator, Speaker and Best Selling Author.  I am also the creator of The POWER Plan life coaching program. I am proud to have 25 years of experience helping people change their lives for good.  

My mantra - You can have Excuses or Results - the choice is ALWAYS yours!

Once, abandoned, homeless, divorced and said to be barren I took hold of my life and mastered the Law of Attraction (long before the Secret was revealed to the masses) and manifested an incredible life. 

Now I am blessed to be living a full and vibrant life with my soul mate Mark, our incredible son Liam, and our furry family members in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

Luckily, in the last twenty years I have had the privilege to work with clients from all walks of life; 

  • A College Professor who worried her colleagues would find out she was not good enough at her job and became a leader in her department.
  • A Divorced Insurance Agent who desperately wanted to meet someone and ended up traveling to China to meet the woman of his dreams.
  • A corporate executive who dreamed of making a difference and found her passion and a brand new journey as an entrepreneur.
  • A self-proclaimed Nymphomaniac who just wanted to find a solid and loving relationship and fell in love with the man next door.
  • A Rugby Player who was terrified to get into the scrum and later became the coach of a championship team. 

Each of these people and their successes have become a part of my story because my greatest success as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist is helping people find and experience their own unique life purpose.

I believe its not the length but the depth of a life that matters most. If so, then maybe I've filled the last twenty years with hundreds of years of life. My hope is that I continue to be honored to hold a sacred space of transformation for others so that my life is not only long but deep and full.

Let's chat and see if we're a fit.
Coach Lia Dunlap - The Oracle on Purpose