“Entrepreneurship isn’t just about money.” Lia Dunlap (00:14-00:17)

Are you ready to propel your business to the next level without burning out? Do you find yourself scattered or unfulfilled as soon as you reach the next milestone? In this week's episode, Lia Dunlap talks about how you can propel your business to the next level without burning out.

Part One of ‘Propel Your Business to the Next Level Without Burning Out’

If you feel somewhere inside that you could be making a more significant impact on the world with the work you do, and you can't seem to put your finger on how to do that, then the power biz blueprint is for you. In five simple steps, you'll be able to lock in on your unique power source and find your business sweet spot. That place that gives you the energy and inspiration to create a business strategy that flows as it grows. One of the participants said something about their experience with the program. The training itself helped the person to have an aligned purpose and step more into the role that lights him up the most. It helped reframe the business activities and claim feeling good about what is being done, instead of focusing on feeling bad for what is not being done.

“Your unique life purpose can help fuel your business.” – Lia Dunlap (01:39-01:44)

Included in the power business blueprint courses are the following key components that you can use to fuel your business perpetually. First, discover your authentic role. What is your unique life purpose, and how can you use it to fuel your business? Second, the goal creation blueprint will turn goal creation on its head to streamline and simplify the steps from Z to A. Third, power affirmation. The power affirmation creator turns your gremlins into allies for your business growth and forth. You'll master the leap of faith.

Part Two of ‘Propel Your Business to the Next Level Without Burning Out’

You'll know when, where, and how to take a flying leap forward in your business. The last step is the manifestation map. This is how you pull it all together in one simplified source to free up energy and find your flow as the Oracle On Purpose.

“Power affirmation turns your gremlins into allies for your business growth.” – Lia Dunlap (01:59-02:06)

Lia Dunlap has over 25 years of experience as an intuitive business architect. She has helped intuitive entrepreneurs and inspired leaders find and follow their unique life purpose through divinely sourced products and results-driven services. Lia helped thousands of clients in over 76 countries align their purpose and their business strategy to create a powerhouse business that makes money while making a difference in the world. Using her wit, wisdom, and down-to-earth nature, I clients feel instantly at ease as they shuttle paradigms and embrace new realms of possibility. She helps people create a foundation of success using fundamental tools for living your unique life purpose.

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“Spiritual awakenings can be painful.” Lia Dunlap (02:04-02:06)
Are you secretly ready to give up? Not feeling like showing up anymore? You'd rather turn off your phone, stay in bed and avoid everything. It all seems pointless. If this is how you're feeling lately, you're not alone.
That's not the end of your story. In this week's episode, Lia Dunlap talks about how you can apply spiritual awakening to a career change. 
Part One of ‘What is Spiritual Awakening? (How to Apply it to a Career Change)’
Have you ever found yourself completely distraught, unable to get up, go to work, even to take a shower? You feel lost, and something's wrong. Every day you feel like you're losing touch with reality. You tell yourself you can't do it anymore. Then, an inner voice tells you that if you don't swim, you will die. Something inside of you is pushing you to fight. To get back up again.
“The universe will always send you signs when you're off track.” - Lia Dunlap (02:24-02:29)
Many people say that spiritual awakenings can be painful. It could be you missed signs you're off track. You've wandered away from the right path. If you take a couple of wrong turns, it's not too late. Take this moment to pause and reflect on life and everything you do. Are you able to do things that you're called to do?
There are moments when you feel stuck and scared. You forget to tap into your internal guidance system. It takes time and commitment to get back on track. Life is full of ups and downs.
If you take the time to focus and let that spiritual awakening take you to new horizons, you'll see what's waiting for you on the other side. As you hone in on your vision and goals, more growth and opportunities will align with the work that you do.
Part Two of ‘What is Spiritual Awakening? (How to Apply it to a Career Change)’
If you find yourself in a place wondering what the point is of getting up again? Why go to work again? Why do the same thing? Hoping that somehow at the end of the day, week or year, it's magically going to be different. Let this be a reminder that spiritual awakening, while it might be painful at first, is just that it's an awakening of something that already exists inside of you.
It is the very thing that you were created to deliver. If you lean into that, you may find yourself in a place where doing your work fulfills you. The possibility of you existing is so astronomical that you are here on purpose.
“Take one step every day toward your vision.” - Lia Dunlap (09:21-08:37)
If you find yourself in that dark place, look at yourself in the mirror. Find the answer: what are you doing here? The next step is to get yourself out of that space. This could be changing careers or relationships. When it comes time to change careers, you don't have to burn all of the bridges right off the bat.
There is a way to get where you want to go. A path with ease, joy, and purpose. It takes saying, yes, that there is something you want out there. That you are ready to do whatever your real work is. Once you do that, while not easy, the rest is pretty simple.
Continue to follow that internal guidance. That's happening as you awaken to who you are and why you're here. Take one step every day, no matter how small, toward that vision, toward that horizon, that awakening inside of you. The universe is waiting for you.
The people you're meant to serve and lives that you will impact, those things are all outside of you right now. When you can lift yourself out of that space, listen to the guidance that's coming through that awakening space. Without fear, without judgment. Do it with curiosity and hope. Then you will see how beautiful spiritual awakening is for your life and your future.
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“We Are Called to Be the Visionary Leaders We Are Destined to Be.” Lia Dunlap (05:27-05:32)

What does it mean to be a visionary leader? It means guiding others to their highest selves and creating a brighter future for humanity. It means taking a stand for something bigger than yourself, acting toward that vision relentlessly. You can inspire others to leave the shadows. To be seen, to be recognized. To be heard. To be valued. In this week's episode, Lia Dunlap shares her five visionary leaders that made a positive impact in her life.

Part One of ‘5 Visionary Leadership Examples’

Visionary leadership means recognizing the inherent power within each individual. It means knowing a unique and unified goal can double and triple the power of a person. Visionary leaders can see things from a broad perspective.

“A visionary leader sees the future in the present.” – Lia Dunlap (09:02-09:06)

There are many great examples of visionary leaders inspiring others to stand up and hold the world accountable for doing better. Each leader had a passion for a specific vision. Here are some of the most significant examples of visionary leaders who have inspired me:

1. Nelson Mandela 

Nelson Mandela's journey saved his own life and transformed the lives of his entire country. After years of spending time in a small prison cell in Robin Island, he was released on February 11th, 1990. He went on to end apartheid, also establishing a multi-racial government against all the odds. In 1993, Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize along with Frederik Willem de Klerk for their work during the civil rights revolution in South Africa. A year later, Mandela became South Africa's first black president, and his vision of hope inspired South Africans and the world. It was an example of equality that inspired the world as a whole.

2. Maya Angelou

Speaking of freedom, my next visionary leader found hers giving a singing voice to a caged bird. Maya Angelou was a poet, an artist, a luminary, and an author. For generations, she was a light at the end of the tunnel. Her vision of encouraging girls to speak up, find their voice and recognize their magnificence as phenomenal women made me proud.

Part Two of ‘5 Visionary Leadership Examples’

3. Tarana Burke

Next is Tarana Burke, a civil rights activist from The Bronx, New York, who founded the 'Me Too' movement. Tarana is an example of a visionary. She looked beyond her circumstances and helped create a campaign that transformed the lives of women across the world.  The ripple effect allowed women across the globe to say, "me too." They could express that they had been victims of abuse. They could make sure women knew that they weren't alone. It allowed Tarana to capture the spirit of those people who had been affected. It's like catching lightning in a bottle. You are there at the right time and finding that thing inside of you that grows so loudly that you have to speak it. In expressing it, she inspired others to do the same. There are many similarly influential leaders rising. Maybe it's you; perhaps it's someone you know.

“Knowing your life purpose allows you to live at the level of a visionary leader.” – Lia Dunlap (17:16-17:27)

4. Rosa Parks

My other inspiration is Rosa Parks. There's a wave of people rising against racial and global injustice. The foundation for that change comes from people like Rosa Parks and others in that era who laid the foundation of the movement. We can stand on that foundation and fight for equality and the experience of humanity. We are all the better because of women and visionaries like Rosa Parks. You might think she was not a visionary, or she was just a woman who was coming home from work and was tired. That is incorrect. In Parks' heart, there was a vision of how life should be, and sometimes that's the subtlety of a visionary. It's the subtlety of knowing enough is enough. Knowing life can feel different, better, brighter, more hopeful, more engaged, more inclusive of the true breadth of humanity.

5. Michelle Obama

The fifth person on my list is the former first lady, Michelle Obama. Not only for the incredible work that she did in the White House but for what she continues to do today. I see her in the media, still inspiring people across the country to show up, be bold, and fight for a future that makes a difference. She had incredible intelligence and grace, even in the face of ridicule and hatred. As a woman of color, I know it takes courage to face that day after day and still show up. It takes a leader to say: I can see those against me, and I'm for the people who are ready to make a change. 

You have to set expectations for your partners, your team, and even for the people that you serve.

Another method of leadership is being aligned with who you are. You could be the person who inspires someone else to look at their shortcomings, their lack or limitation, values, and beliefs. When inspiring people to do bolder, brighter things with their lives and with the world, you might be chastised. You might be called weird or crazy. People who used to be your friends may turn away. A visionary leader understands that from the beginning. It's worth all of the pain, frustration, and pitfalls to get where you are going.

Visionary leaders aren't born, they're made. They're made through the challenges, oppression, and tragedy. Because of these experiences, they're able to see the possibilities for all of us. The mark of a visionary leader sees the potential and possibility in everyone. Here's the thing, real visionary leaders will happily turn down clients because they believe in the independent potential of the client. They think that the client can find a solution and can find the resources they need independently.

It takes seeing the most precise vision, not just for yourself or your business but for everyone whose lives your business touches. When you're able to define your mission, not only for the prosperity of your business but for humanity, what is it you want it to do? How do you want things to change? That goes back to understanding your unique life purpose. When you return regularly, you know that you are doing what's right for that vision. Then, you begin holding on to that vision firmly, capturing the imagination and inspiration of others.

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Want to align your life purpose with your business strategy to create stability and lasting fulfillment? Great! Find out how aligned your business is with your real power. This quick quiz will help you determine how close you are to your business efficacy "sweet spot." Once you take the exam, you'll get access to the proper tools to fine-tune your business. If you qualify, you'll get a step by step blueprint for better clarity and confidence in all areas of your business. By the way, it's FREE - Take the POWER BIZ QUIZ Now!



“Only we can show up the way we're meant to show up and provide the universe exactly what it wanted when it created you.” Lia Dunlap (04:01-04:09)

Would you like to know how to escape the monotony of your current position without losing everything you've worked hard for? If your answer is YES, get a pen and paper. You are going to want to write this down.

Put this somewhere where your boss won't see it. You definitely want to have it handy if you feel trapped in a job. In this week's episode, Lia Dunlap shares her perspective on what you need to do when you're stuck in a job you hate.  

Part One of ‘Stuck In A Job You Hate’

You feel like you want a way out of your current situation. Part of you might be saying it's not too smart to give up. How would it feel if you had a map to get you where you want to go? What if it only took a few more steps to get there more productively and purposefully? Wouldn't you love to walk away from your current situation on purpose, focused on where you are going? With a clear plan for what to do next?

“When you know the work you're meant to do, you feel more confident to serve.” - Lia Dunlap (11:13-11:22)

Let's say you're in a job where you're making really good money. In fact, you might be climbing that corporate ladder. But at the end of the day, when you put your phone down and you get up from your desk, you feel like any of it doesn't really matter. You constantly question the point of everything you do. You're worried about having to come back the next day and do it all over again.

Here's the thing. Each of us has a gift. Each of us has something that's inside of us that is meant to be delivered. People tend to get confused when they hear the term gift. They think that it has to be something magical or mystical. That's not always the case.

It is absolutely true the combination of whoever you are and your desire to bring something new and exciting to the conversation, to change the world, that's your gift. That's your special sauce. 

You can only deliver to the people that are meant to have it. If you allow yourself to embrace your purpose fully, chances are if you're not feeling fulfilled at work. You're probably not delivering your best work. What can you do about it?

Part Two of ‘Stuck In A Job You Hate’

Figure out your unique life purpose. Have absolute clarity about what you are heading towards. We all have some way of showing up in the world. One that only we can achieve. Only we can show up the way we're meant to show up. We can provide the universe exactly what it wanted when it created you.

We may feel like we have to give up everything we've worked so hard for. The reality doesn't have to be the case. Sometimes you can shift what you're doing now in a way that it becomes your real work. How nice would that be?

“Find a support partner who has your best interest at heart and will keep you accountable for the things you say you're going to do.” - Lia Dunlap (13:48-14:06)

The next thing is, you need to know your numbers. This is beyond just understanding what it takes to start a new business. If that's what you choose to do or launch something, a product, or even a service. There are always costs involved. 

To set up a business, there's a bigger picture to look at.

What numbers do you need to have in place so that you can thrive when you make that pivot? When you make that change, what does that look like? What do you need to be bringing into your household every month to make sure that you're living the lifestyle that you choose?

How much time do you want to spend at work in your new real job? How much time do you want to spend with your family? Where do you want to live? How do you want to live? Everyone needs to look at it differently.

You need a specific plan for where you're going and why you're going there. The better, clearer and more aligned that plan is, the better your odds of making that leap. The better odds of achieving the best outcome.

Find a support and accountability partner. So that you can make that leap. Choose someone who has your best interest at heart. Who will keep you accountable for the things you say you're going to do.

If you are going to make a significant shift in your life, you are going to want to have some connection to something greater, more expansive than yourself. You will experience a massive transformation like never before.  

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Are you fulfilling your purpose? If you are stuck in a job that you hate, now is the best time to pivot. Get clear on your next steps -



“Building connections is essential for business success.” Lia Dunlap (01:10-01:14)

We’ve all been there. You walk into a networking event or a conference and start scanning the others in the room. Suddenly, you see the one person you're trying to avoid. You feel terrible. It's awkward and uncomfortable.  You think of how to avoid them in the future. In this week's episode, Lia Dunlap talks about building relationships in business by following your intuition.

Part One of ‘Building Relationships in Business’

It’s important to make connections in business. We need to make friends; we need to be in the right circles, have the right relationships with people that we want to work with or the people that they can connect with us. Sometimes we might be doing ourselves a disservice by buddying up and building relationships with people that are not aligned with our path.

“Relationship should be a balance between giving and taking.” – Lia Dunlap (03:34-03:38)

If a person doesn’t match your vibe, it’s not worth it. Even if you are trying to actively build your network. Business is all about connection, but the key is the right connections. How do you know whether or not a person is a right fit?

When you see that same person you didn’t want to see coming towards you, I bet some warning bells were going off. There's something about that person that you don’t like. Your intuition is picking up signals, and it’s a bad match. Here's the trick. The first time this happened, you probably pushed it to the back of your head. You said to yourself, “I'm here to meet people.”

You never know who you're going to meet and who they're going to connect you with.

You never know where your next contact or opportunity will come from. So you start to excuse those hesitant feelings. You begin to block them or push them aside. That's honestly the worst thing you can do. We want to make connections. But it benefits us to make connections that are a two-way street. That's a real relationship. A relationship is based on giving and taking. That’s valuable, but most useful when the energy of that give and take is supportive of both parties.

A good relationship is give and take, with energy and synchronicity. When you're connected with the right people, you feel it. On a physical level. You can even feel energized when you're talking to that person. You want to keep talking to them. You want to hear about who they are and what they're doing. That's an indicator that this is a good relationship to grow. Sometimes at events, it's like you've met your best friend. That's a great feeling too.

Part Two of ‘Building Relationships in Business’

What was your intuition telling you? Here's probably how it sounded. 
"Wow, this person is incredible!" 

"It's like I've known them my whole life. I feel good when I'm connecting with them. Just being around them makes me feel better." 

"I feel like I've known you forever."

It's awesome if you're also feeling that way, and they're feeling that way too. That's a good conversation starter. 

Here are some signs or signals from your intuition that you’re on track. 

Your intuition is tuning in all the time. It's like a radio dial looking for the right signal. Someone else is broadcasting their signal. When we're out at a networking event, we are there to connect. So, we are already sending out signals to the people in the room to communicate with us. Don't go into the room until you've checked in how you're feeling about being there.

“Start tapping into how you feel when you walk in the room.” – Lia Dunlap (06:48-06:51)

You'll always know if you are aligned to go and meet the right people. It could be for yourself, your clients, your partners, your team, your vision, or your mission. There is always something happening in the universe on your behalf. When you want to build a better relationship with your business partners, start with that end in mind. 

How do you know you're sending out the right signals when networking? Pay attention when you walk into the room. Take a breath, take a beat. Instead of starting right away, determine which direction to go. Ask yourself to feel, even though it might be a little different than you're used to. 

Feel where you need to move next. Let your body lead the way. Once you've done that, make sure that you're listening to the signals from conversations you're having. This goes beyond just networking. Imagine that somebody calls you on the phone and wants to work together. Listen to what's coming across. Not only the words that they're sharing but how you're receiving them.

Think about this. Does it feel like you're energized? Does it feel like you're engaged? Does it tap into some areas like your gut? Do you feel unusually uncomfortable? Does it feel like something is missing? Sometimes our intuition says it isn’t a good fit. We really can't even tap into why. That's when it matters. 

Follow that intuition. The risk of not could lead to working with the wrong people. It can also lead to damaging relationships with people you could have a better connection with. If someone's not a good fit for you as a client, but you are into connecting, you can connect them with someone who is a better fit. That builds your relationship with the person that you already are connected to and helps them to see you as a resource. If you don't pay close attention when networking, you can create toxic relationships. That’s why building positive relationships is so important. 

Business intuition requires knowing what you have to offer, who you are, what you stand for, and what feels aligned. Following that guidance can help you to build strong relationships and robust connections. You’ll also avoid awkward situations at your next networking or mastermind event.

How to Get Involved

Would you like to align your unique life purpose with your business strategy to create stability and lasting fulfillment? Great! Find out how aligned your business is with your highest power. This quick quiz will help you determine how close you are to your business sweet spot. Once you take the exam, you'll get access to the proper tools to fine-tune your business. Plus, if you qualify, you'll get a step by step blueprint for better clarity and confidence in all areas of your business. Oh, and by the way, it's FREE - Take the POWER BIZ QUIZ Now!



“Turning Your Challenges into Opportunities to Serve Your Marketplace Better.” - Lia Dunlap (11:55-12:07)

Many small business owners, solo entrepreneurs or even big corporations miss the mark by brushing aside the importance of alchemy in business, subsequently shrinking their own market share. In this episode, Lia Dunlap sheds some light on the positive impact that alchemy creates in business.

Part One of ‘What Does Alchemy Mean in Business?’

Many businesses nowadays lose in many aspects because of not exploring enough new horizons and getting stuck in their old systems. Everything is changing so fast in the business world that’s why innovation is a must for survival. It’s like a life jacket that keeps you afloat in water. Businesses that don’t innovate will eventually not be able to sustain themselves in the long run.
​“If you’re not willing to transform your business to meet the needs of a changing marketplace, it’s bound to make your business obsolete at some point.” ​– Lia Dunlap (01:41-01:54)
We’re now living in a modern world where we need a competent business approach to stay ahead of rapidly changing consumer demands, evolving technology and continuous rise of rivalry between competitors. Constant innovation is at its peak which means you need to set a time to regularly review your business strategies, practices, outdated tools and processes to save both time and money.

If you’re an individual who’s steered away from innovational works or ideas, solely for the sake of keeping your products and services ahead of the competition, then your business can become stagnant. The truth is, the marketplace will move without you whether you want it or not. It will continue to expand and it’s up to you to take necessary actions in order to get ahead of the game.

There must be something created to revive the business.

Even in the coaching industry where something that’s been done for a long time just continues to be done that way and eventually the market itself starts to deteriorate. So, there must be some sort of shift. Implementing new ideas reasonably has different levels of risk but the best time to practice innovation is now. Take proactive measures and don’t wait until you hit bottom. Sometimes, the biggest risk is not taking enough risk. Lia also talks about having alliances with other companies that do something that you’ve been doing for your client to have a certain need taken care of without you running through a service or a product that’s not really your jam. You’ve probably heard about many companies merging together to broaden the services available to customers. That’s one way to look at your business from the alchemy perspective of combinations.

Part Two of ‘What Does Alchemy Mean in Business?’

Another way to develop an alchemist perspective is, if you encounter a handful amount of people complaining about something, you identify those challenges not as a barricade but a giant door of opportunity to serve your clients better. Therefore, the marketplace considers you as their hero and you eventually turn them into loyal customers for the long haul.
“Change the way you perceive your business from solely creating a profit to an act of service to the world.” – Lia Dunlap (18:58-19:09)
The bottom line is, if you want more clients, the clients that you really love, look at what they’re telling you and transmute it into what you’re giving them and what not. Customers are the lifeblood of any business. 

Are you ready to turn your leads into gold wherever you go? Start looking at your business from the perspective of service to the world. At the end of the day, it’s all about transforming things for the better. How far are you willing to go to create life-changing results in the marketplace?

How to Get Involved

Would you like to align your unique life purpose with your business strategy to create stability and lasting fulfillment?  Great! Find out how aligned your business is with your highest power. This quick quiz will help you determine just how close you are to your business sweet spot. Once you take the quiz, you’ll get access to the proper tools to fine-tune your business. Plus, if you qualify, you’ll get a step by step blueprint for better clarity and confidence in all areas of your business. Oh, and by the way, it’s totally FREE - Take the POWER BIZ QUIZ Now!



“The World Is Waiting For You To Show Up On Purpose.” - Lia Dunlap (21:37-21.49)

Many people don’t realize the beauty and magnitude of influence they could have on the world by simply embracing who they are and what they were born to do. In this episode, Lia Dunlap talks about developing, understanding and expressing your passion and inner awesomeness.

Every person in this world has a pure, rare and vivid gem inside of them. You are unique on purpose. What you bring to the world is valuable because people are waiting for it. When we give ourselves permission to share our uniqueness, we can use it as a motivation to act towards our goals, desires, and dreams. 

Part One of ‘How to Find Your Passion and Inner Awesomeness’

If you’re someone who knows the value of what you can offer and completely passionate about what you’re doing, you will sense that strong connection no matter who you speak with. Your passion shines so bright that it can cause other people to listen and agree with whatever you’re trying to convince them about. 

The combination of talents, skills, and gifts you have all contribute to what you’re meant to deliver. You may be able to share them but there is no one who is identical to you. You could be someone who’s skilled in the painting whose artworks serve as a therapy to others. You could be someone that has all the natural qualities a customer service representative requires. You could be someone the company needs to increase its marketing revenue. You could be the right motivational speaker someone needs to step out of their comfort zone. You could be someone who loves to cook with your family but it’s not that you like to cook, it’s the community of being together and making a meal that you like, and the long list just goes on. You must realize that your uniqueness can create a positive contribution to our society. As you embrace it, you will see your personal progress slow unfolding page by page.

“There’s a risk to not developing, understanding or expressing your passion and your uniqueness.” – Lia Dunlap. (00:47-00:52)

Some of the things that could happen are you won’t be able to connect with people in an authentic way. You come off as either aloof or arrogant or put up walls between you and other people that just don’t need to be there. You might also feel self-conscious and lonely, and that’s really a serious thing. Many people are exposed to the media, yet they still feel disconnected. If you don’t do something about it, you may be spending your entire life hiding the one thing that the universe created when it created you. On the other hand, if you know yourself well, you’ll be like a flower who won’t compete with the flower next to you; instead, you just bloom. 

You’ve probably met a lot of people who always felt misunderstood, out of place and alone because they work so hard trying to constantly fit in which always lead to unmet expectations. The truth is, we all have that passion that makes us feel so alive inside and choose to do more than anything else in this world. That passion is the key to take you to the direction you’re meant to go. Lia Dunlap also speaks about assessing our uniqueness with careful thought.

You must take time to reflect, “Is this something I feel that I enjoy and I’m good at or is this something I’ve just been told?”

Consider making a list of all the things that you are currently responsible for, basically the things that you’re doing on a regular basis. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s something that you have to get paid for now. It’s like looking at your average week in a helicopter view. It could help you identify what are the things that you are always eager to find time doing even during your busy schedule. 

Part Two of ‘How to Find Your Passion and Inner Awesomeness

Now you’re gonna look at the list you’ve created and look for patterns. Look for the places where suddenly a pattern starts to appear. It could flashback a lot of your childhood memories where, for example, you remember yourself being jubilant when you’re picking flowers and gardening, and it may be while you’re gardening, you realize that little version you always loved nature. Brainstorm all the things you did as a child that really lights you up.
“Let that part of you have a voice and have a presence in your life.” – Lia Dunlap (21:11-21:16)
Whatever you’re passionate about, share it with the people you care about. Take it with you wherever you go. Whether or not you turn it into a job, it doesn’t really matter if you’re bringing it back into your life and just speaking to it and sharing it. 

Lia Dunlap can help empower you to discover your true path to success and freedom. 

How to Get Involved

Would you like to align your unique life purpose with your business strategy to create stability and lasting fulfillment? Great! Find out how aligned your business is with your highest power. This quick quiz will help you determine just how close you are to your business sweet spot. Once you take the quiz, you’ll get access to the proper tools to fine-tune your business. Plus, if you qualify, you’ll get a step by step blueprint for better clarity and confidence in all areas of your business. Oh, and by the way, it’s totally FREE - Take the POWER BIZ QUIZ Now!




"What You Focus On, You Attract.” Lia Dunlap (01:12-01:16)

​Scientific studies in recent years shows that we have about 50,000 thoughts a day. The law of attraction isn’t about random scattered thoughts. It’s a combination of repetition and vibration of the thoughts. Our interpretation is based on the internal map of reality that we have and not the real truth. In this episode, Lia Dunlap explains how the Quantum Physics Law of Attraction works.

Part One of ‘Quantum Physics Law of Attraction Explained’

We don’t need to know the answers to why certain things in the universe respond to our thoughts. But if we know that they do, then it is important to understand how we can benefit from it.

“If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” – Lia Dunlap (19:46-20:07)

Many of us know that starting a car is as easy as turning a key but don't know how a car engine works. As a result, they miss a lot of good benefits that can impact their life in a positive way. It's the same thing with the concept of quantum physics and the law of attraction. That's the gift we have our hands on when we recognize the benefits of quantum attraction. We have the ability to create what we desire in co-creation with the universe. In fact, it’s already working in your life. It's not something we turn off because it's constantly happening as a law of attraction. It is in process and always going through the motions. And that's the gift we have our hands on when we recognize the benefits of quantum attraction, the ability to create what we desire in co-creation with the universe. In fact, it’s already working in your life. It's not something we turn off because it's constantly happening as a law of attraction. It is constantly in process and always going through the motions.

It's so important to become mindful of your thoughts every day. As the saying goes, be careful of your thoughts, they might become your words. Be careful of your words, they might become your actions.

This happens every day, that's why some people call it the internal dialogue. Those are your repetitive thoughts and those are the ones we first want to be aware of. Some of those thoughts are probably good ones like things that make you happy. It could be things that you’re envisioning for yourself and something that has to do with your business. Yet, you may have some thoughts in your head that you don’t necessarily want to focus on. Those are the thoughts that might even be holding you back.

Part Two of ‘Quantum Physics Law of Attraction Explained’

We need to look at how we can give ourselves a vibrational change at energetic shift. The easiest way to do that is to think about something that makes you happy. It could be anything like the look of someone you love. It could be a moment when you felt empowered and happy. It could be a sunset or sound of the waves crashing on the shore at the ocean. It could be any song that makes you want to get up and dance. Allow yourself to stay at that level of vibration.

“Raise your vibration around the thoughts that you want to manifest.” – Lia Dunlap (11:02-11:07)

Focus on your vision until it becomes a reality so you can tap into the quantum attraction process. You have thousands of different thoughts rolling in your head every day. That makes it challenging for you to focus. Ask yourself what you have been thinking about and how that lines up with the life you have right now. Figure out if it supports your vision so you can have the life that you desire.  

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“Your Purpose Is the Cornerstone of Your Business.” - Lia Dunlap (01:38-01:42)

Many people don’t realize that knowing yourself makes it easier to live a life true to your core values. There are real concrete ways to find out what your purpose is. And, how we can use it as a function of moving through your world, your lives and your business. In this episode, Lia Dunlap talks about finding your purpose in life.  

Part One of ‘How to Find Your Purpose in Life – 5 Step Clarity Exercise

Our unique life purpose is a codex. It is the underlying DNA of your drive to be here as human beings. It is your personal internal guidance system. And, it is your sacred cornerstone in business.​
“Our purpose is uniquely attuned to who we are and what we’re capable of delivering.” – Lia Dunlap (04:27-04:34)
Back in the olden days, when we thought about architecture and the mason work, there was always a cornerstone, a stone that every building, the foundation of every building was built on. Your purpose can actually be the cornerstone of your business, especially if you align it that way. It matters because you were chosen out of all the other opportunities for anyone else to be born, which means that you have a unique gift to the world. Ultimately, that you were created out of a one in 400 quadrillion chance of anyone else being created. You were created and brought here on earth for a purpose.  

Your unique life purpose is the reason that you exist. Every fiber of who you are is working towards being revealed and fulfilled in life. Just like the acorn seed being planted in the ground. Everything inside of it to make it a tree and to produce more acorns, already exist in the very thin, the very fiber of its being. That is the same with all of us. Each of us has something inside of us that we are, we're planted here to bloom and blossom into. 

Every part of who we are plays a role or a function in how we work and play and live and love.

We have whatever we need, we will learn whatever it needs to be learned. We will gather whatever information or education or experience we need to deliver this purpose to the world because that's why we're here. That is exactly what we intended to do. So, there is no way for us to be without it. It is part of who we are and how we move through the world. When we have business challenges, a clear sense of what our unique life purpose is will push us through it. It acts as a balancing mechanism to hold against what's happening. 

Part Two of ‘How to Find Your Purpose in Life – 5 Step Clarity Exercise

You must identify what are the things in your life that you find most attuned with. Check your current life activities. Be aware of where you are spending your precious time and energy. Give your energy to the things that matter and are aligned with your purpose. The best use of your energy is to get aligned with the core spiritual qualities you most value.
“Create a life/business mantra that allows you to come back to your purpose.” – Lia Dunlap (18:22-18:29)
Take the time to reflect how you're able to make the world a better place or impact some areas of the world in a better way. Once, you've got those pieces together, you can start to see how knowing your purpose is getting a sense of what roles you're doing now or roles you'd like to do in the future. This will give you the opportunity to serve on a grander scale in the world.

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If you are a social leader or entrepreneur who is determined to have a major impact on the world yet you find you're still struggling with finding your purpose, I can help. Schedule your Strategy Session today and I'll help get you started!



“Purpose and Passion Are Two Great Fuels That Produces Great Power When Combined Together.” — Lia Dunlap (06:23-07:04)

You’ve likely heard a lot of influencers discuss the importance of pursuing your passion. It’s a self-discovery journey that strengthens social bonds and your learning process. In this episode, Lia Dunlap shares her perspective about pursuing your passion.

Part One of ‘Pursue Your Passion — It’s Never Too Late’

The word passion causes distress for people who are still figuring out what they were born to do. Remember, that fire of passion inside of you is connected to your unique life purpose. You can have the greatest job or the nicest things in the world but still, miss your true passion and purpose in life.

“Your passion is like a map that leads you to a place where you’re meant to create, build and experience things.” – Lia Dunlap (00:41-01:48)

The essence of knowing our purpose is that it leads us back to delivering our purpose. Life without passion is like driving on a road that will lead you to dead ends and not knowing where to go. If you combine passion and purpose together, you can experience life on a different level. 

When we start to follow our passion, there are days when there's a sense that feels hollow. It feels like there's something more that can be in your life and you don't know what it is. If you're in that position, remember that all it takes is to listen to where your passion is leading you.

When you focus on your passion, you can start to develop a real career path or a real launch. 

It could be a startup launch based on all the experiences that you had when it comes to building that passion. There may be things you're already doing today that are signs of what you're passionate about. There are experiences that you've had that are completely aligned with your purpose. 

It's kind of always working in the background no matter what you're doing to try to reach that point. Think about the past jobs that you've had. You probably think you've never learned anything from working in a fast-food industry. But if you think about it, whatever job you've had in the past, you can see areas of that work that you enjoyed doing. And those small things serve as a clue to what you're most passionate about.

Part Two of ‘Pursue Your Passion — It’s Never Too Late’

You could be a 60-year-old marathon runner but there's a lot of room for you to develop that. Unlike someone who's starting out, they need a higher level of commitment because they have a long way to go. The beauty of it is if you're doing things when you're older, you have more years of experience to bring with you. Even if it's later in life, you are a person who has the power to commit to a choice.

“There will always be signposts along the way to lead us what we’re most aligned to do in this world.” – Lia Dunlap (14:17-14:29)

There are people out there diving into their passions so that they can feel fulfilled in their lives. Wake up feeling like you've got your life in front of you instead of regretting going to work. Ask yourself what it would be like if you could wake up and feel that excitement to work. You can achieve anything whatever service or product you're going to work with. Because all that matters is if it makes you feel aligned with what you were born to do.

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If you are a social leader or entrepreneur who is determined to have a major impact on the world yet you find you're still struggling with finding your purpose, I can help. Schedule your Strategy Session today and I'll help get you started!




“No Matter Where You Are in Your Business Journey, There Is Always Something to Be Grateful For.” - Lia Dunlap (09:57-10:02)

When was the last time you felt grateful for your business? Do you start every day from a place of gratitude? In this episode, Lia Dunlap talks about finding gratitude in business.

Part One of ‘Finding Gratitude in Business’

Think back for a moment. Perhaps years ago, when you were a little kid, somebody bought you a gift. Right before you got it, you saw it coming towards you. The idea, the potential, the possibility of what was in the box caused that warm feeling of excitement to bubble up inside of you. And all the most amazing things flooded through your head at once. But,  you were in a state of gratitude, even though you didn't know what it was. You were already feeling grateful before you took that package. 

To those of you in the service industry, that's what happens every day. Every day people are choosing you. They're choosing to work with you. They're deciding to buy your product, your service, and they want to show up, not only to give you the gift of their patronage but, for you to provide them with your service. Be grateful for the people who show up.

Always be grateful that people are reaching out to know more about your business and how they can work with you.

The same goes for how you show up in meetings or even as you sit down at your desk. There are lots of people in the world who would love to have started their own business, but they didn't. And here you are sitting at your desk looking at your computer, looking into your phone, participating in expanding, knowing more about your business, and how you can make it better. Be grateful for your business and your clients.

“Good things come to those who are always grateful.” – Lia Dunlap (12:16-12:50)

Part Two of ‘Finding Gratitude in Business’

Many times, you'll hear people talk about gratitude. They'll ask you to make a gratitude list or have a gratitude journal. It is not about looking around and writing a list of things that you have. It's going one step deeper to understand that the universe brought someone to you, which allowed you to offer a service or product to them to solve a problem. And ultimately to make an impact in their life. That means that you get to use your gift, whatever it is to help someone else move their life forward.

“Gratitude is a step on the path of abundance.” – Lia Dunlap (09:48-09:02)

As you watch the things that are transpiring in your business with gratitude, the next step to create a genuine appreciation is to claim it. Show sincere appreciation for having it. And that you're ready and open to receive more. Why would the universe give you any more if you don't enjoy what you already have? Even the people that you work with, those lives have been changed by you interacting and working with them. Your life is being changed as well. Your business is bringing you more opportunities. Whatever it looks like, no matter where you are in your business journey, be appreciative. 

And more importantly, it's about focus. Focus on gratitude, especially on the things that you want to grow, including the ways that your business is working and how you want to do more of those things. Start your day by intentionally being grateful for what your day holds. Then,  focus on the things that you want to grow in your business. What will happen if you keep yourself in a place of gratitude before you check your emails or receive phone calls? How would things be different? 

Furthermore, finding gratitude in your business not only allows you to activate a muscle that will enable more good things to come to you. But it does create a ripple effect where you're shifting the energy, not only with the people that you work with on your team. Even the clients you speak with over the phone. Imagine them getting off the phone call feeling lifted. No matter what the conversation was, the clients are going to feel as if they are appreciated, which opens up an opportunity for raving fans.

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“Intuition Is A Powerful Leadership Tool.” - Lia Dunlap (06:33-06:45)

Many professionals don’t realize how powerful their intuition is in the business world and how not fully using it makes their business move at a snail’s pace. Coming up with a road map to stay ahead of the game could be challenging at times. In this episode, Lia Dunlap talks about enhancing your intuition for better business results.  

Part One of ‘How to Enhance Your Intuition for Better Business Results’

Intuition bridges the gap between the conscious and unconscious mind. Some call it the sixth sense. Now they note that it allows us to tap into the heightened state of awareness connected to universal source, which can provide information, direction, and affirmation of our decisions. It's like a silent alarm that triggers when we need to pay attention or avoid danger.
“The ability to enhance and listen to your intuition allows both parties to get good mileage out of it.” — Lia Dunlap. (09:22-09:28)
The first necessary step you need to take if you really want to enhance your intuition and use it so that it can benefit your business is to really sit down and practice listening. Listen, when you're having conversations with new clients, when you're having conversations with coworkers, when you're having conversations with new partners that you're partnering up with, listen to not only what you're seeing and hearing from them, but what you're feeling about what you're hearing and seeing from them.

Subsequently, those people you connect with will feel that they’re genuinely heard and seen on a totally different level and the rapport you have in business is deepened. So, the trust, which is very important in any kind of business agreement or situation, becomes easily found and kept.

If you’re determined to enhance your intuition, that’s the moment when you don’t listen to respond.

You listen to what they're saying, and you listen to what your gut is telling you. You do both. You must find a process for yourself that's authentic to who you are and start learning to trust that voice, to believe it, even though you may not see the direct results right away.

Part Two of ‘How to Enhance Your Intuition for Better Business Results’

In business, we can find ourselves needlessly struggling to move forward on a project or to engage with a client to really make that connection that will allow us to really move their business forward. If we're a business coach, for example, we can also fail to land an opportunity with someone and miss signs that the client is not a good fit because we're not paying attention to our own intuition.
​“Intuition helps you connect with others deeply, make transactions, agreements and decisions in a much more confident and engaging way.” – Lia Dunlap (02:28-02:56)
Conversely, if we proactively start to tap into our own intuition and work with someone who has an intuitive gift or a direct link to channeling on a higher plane, then you are tapping into that universal source of knowledge that the sixth sense is already tapping into. As a business person, whether that's a product or a service, you are listening on all levels to the needs of the person that you're working with or the audience that you're sharing with. Sometimes there's meditation, which takes us into quietness and stillness where we're less distracted and journaling is another way to do that. You can journal on a page and free write what you're feeling, what your senses are telling you and let the writing come from inside of you.

Whichever way you choose to practice, hopefully you’re taking the time to recognize your own intuition, listen to the voice that you’re hearing, and acknowledge that there is something about it that’s helping you to make better choices that are more aligned for yourself and for your business so that you can prosper to the best of your abilities. 

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